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The Works Of Painter Lorna Newton And Photographer Dennis Galloway

Opening Friday January 13

Artist reception is at 5:30 pm

This January we have two exquisite exhibitions running together.

Painter Lorna Newton in the Ida Power Gallery and Dennis Galloway in our Center Room Gallery.

Lorna Newton works in a variety of mediums - this show is of her paintings. Lorna captures dreamworlds, animal spirits, and the beauty and magic of nature and life. The images double almost as portraits of vibrant chroma meditation!

Dennis Galloway has been practicing photography all his life.

The work we are exhibiting is Street Portraits- Bisbee People. We first became aware of Dennis and his work when he came to Central School for an event and fell in love with the building. He came back a number of times to take his pictures of the spaces that enchanted him.

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