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Central School Project Covid- 19 Public Safety Policy

All visitors must wear a mask inside the public spaces of the building. Windows and doors will be open during all events that are  open to the public.

Gallery events: Visits to gallery events do NOT require vaccination proof. The main gallery has a 40 person limit during exhibitions and visit time is limited to 20 minutes.


Theater and workshop events


Theater attendance is limited to 40 seats. To attend an event in the theater or participate in a workshop at Central School Project, you must  wear a mask, be fully vaccinated  (2), or have a recent negative COVID test. To be considered fully vaccinated, you must have received either:

• two doses of Moderna

• two doses of Pfizer

• two doses of

AstraZeneca,one dose of AstraZeneca combined with one dose of Pfizer or Moderna

• one dose of Johnson & Johnson.


You must have received your final or single dose according to your vaccination type at least 14 days prior to the workshop or theater event at Central School Project. No other type of vaccine is accepted at this time

Proof of Vaccination

On the day of your theater event or workshop you must bring with

your proof of vaccination indicating:

• your full name

• the date(s) of your vaccination

• the type of vaccine you received

• the name of the government entity or healthcare facility that  provided your vaccine

Drivers license or state ID to confirm identity

• a driver's license or government ID corresponding to the name on your vaccine documentation.

We only accept the above. We do not accept: antibody tests, pictures of serum bottles, selfies of you receiving the vaccine, or texts/emails confirming appointment times.


There are no medical, religious, or age exemptions to these

What counts as a recent negative Covid test?

• PCR COVID tests must have been taken within 72 hours of arrival at a verifiable clinic.

• rapid COVID tests must have been taken within 6 hours of arrival

and clinically verified. Home test kits like Ellume are not accepted.

• names on test results must match your I.D.