Our Mission

Central School Project is a non-profit arts and cultural center with the three-fold mission of providing affordable creative space to working artists, preserving and adapting the historic Central School building as a cultural center, and fostering appreciation of the arts in the Bisbee community.


The Central School Project Board is composed of the 20 artist members. The Board officers are:  Monte Surratt, President; Jeff Shriver,Vice-President; Jennifer Harris, Treasurer; and Pam Blunt, Secretary.

Executive Director: Laurie McKenna


Begun as a tenants' association of artists in 1982, CSP was incorporated in 1985 and received 501(c)(3) status from the IRS the following year. In 1994, the organization bid on and purchased the 1905 building from the local school district. In accordance with its mission, CSP has provided, besides much-needed preservation work on the historic Central School building, a broad array of arts programming, including art exhibits, performance art, poetry readings, plays, concerts, dance performances, film events and childrens workshops.

As a community service organization in a rural community which has become widely recognized as a center for the arts, CSP supports and collaborates with individuals and organizations to further cultural awareness in the community. CSP also makes its resources available to the community for a variety of programs and activities.


Membership Queries

Members are required to attend board meetings ( 7-8 each year) and complete at least 35 service hours a year, depending on the size of the studio.


Studio fees are calculated by the square footage of the open studio. Artists can apply for membership once a studio is vacated. To be added to the notification list, or for more information, contact Central School Project at (520) 432-4866, PO Drawer H, Bisbee, AZ 85603, or email bisbeecsp@centralschoolproject.org

Our Members

The Central School Project members bring a wide range of experience in a variety of artistic fields, including visual, spoken, dramatic, musical, cinematic, and architectural arts, among others. They have received various distinctions, for example, a CSP poet was the 2002 Tucson Poetry Festival winner, a CSP filmmaker was featured in the Whitney Biennial, a CSP sculptor was a Pittsburg Children's Museum Visiting Artist, and a CSP multimedia artist was artist-in-residence at Atelier Kramer Universitat Kunst Kassel. Moreover, many members are tenured university art educators, with one member having twice received the Andrew Mellon Faculty Enrichment Grant. 


Gretchen Baer, painter - http://www.gretchenbaer.com

Pamela Blunt, printmaker, intermodal expressive arts therapist
June Cabat, textile artist
Michael Cadieux, painter - mcadieux.com
Gail Campbell, sculptor
Heather Green - heathergreenstudios.blogspot.com
Jennifer Harris, painter, sculptor, printmaker
Manny Martinez, sculptor, painter
Laurie McKenna, interdisciplinary artist rockpaperfence.com
Ruby O'Dell,  2-D arts and collage
Pam Rodrigues, jewelry artist
Karen Schumacher, mixed media arts, writer
Jan Searle, painter searlegallery.com/
Bridget Shanahan, graphic and fine artist
Richard Shemanski, mixed media, multisensory artist
Jeffry Shriver, furniture maker, fine woodwork
Lucy St. John, miniatures, sculpture, fiber arts
Monte Surratt, painter - sonorandogstudios.com 
Danielle Winter, painter, sculptor
Sam Woolcott, painter - sampoegallery.com


Affiliates with Central School

Faultline Players
Showcase Fatale
Borderlands Media Project


The Bisbee Craft School 

Sidepony Express Music Festival

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