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CSP studio membership is full at this time

There are currently 23 artist-members in the organization working in a variety of forms: painters, woodworking, printmaking, sculpture, jewelry-making, and graphic art to name a few.


As a member of the cooperative, board members need to be considerate of each other, be committed to the organizational goals, and are required to meet several obligations:

  • A minimum of 35 volunteer hours per year (more depending on square footage of studio) are required that are put towards maintenance of the arts center and participating in project events and programs.  

  • Pay monthly studio fees

  • Board meeting attendance

  • Fundraising efforts

About CSP - Incorporated in 1985, our mission is to provide affordable studio space for working artists; preserve the historic Central School building as a cultural center; and foster appreciation of the arts in the community.



Please complete and send required materials via EMAIL to

or MAIL to Central School Project, PO Drawer H, Bisbee, AZ 85603 postmarked no later than



Interviews--- Interviews will be conducted online in December and beginning of January via Zoom or Google group

Who can apply:
Full time residents of Bisbee and the immediate surrounding area.

All manner of artists except dance and musicians that require practice space. (Due to the acoustics of building)


Application checklist:


Completed Application hard copy or scanned or typed up in full in email or word doc with questions retained.



Options for Sharing your portfolio/resume:

 -A link to a website

 -A link to google drive

 -Email with attached zipped material

 -Printed packet

 -Social media links



 Media Artists- a link to media platform (website,Youtube, vimeo)

 Poets/ creative writers:  Bio and Resume


 Those that send in mail:  If you would like your materials returned, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Please answer all questions; incomplete applications will not be considered. Succinct responses to narrative-type questions are preferred, but you may use additional sheets if you need additional space.


Additional Details:

Due to a shortage of affordable artists workspace in Bisbee, the application process can be competitive. Need for work space, ability to be part of an organization, how long you have lived in the area, evidence of productivity and commitment to your practice, and time availability to participate and help run our programs are important considerations.


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