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Creative Screen Printing

Create your own art on textiles, paper, wood, etc!

Classes fill up quickly due to limited space. There is a limit of 7 registrants per group – first come first serve!

We ask that you pay $50.00 at the first class to cover the required sessions. Payments can be made in cash or with a check.

This class is for people who are already working in the arts and have a reasonable sense of their own creative process. Screen printing has three basic stages; developing a creative vision, making screens, and printing. Each of these stages has a variety of approaches and we will attempt to cover the basics of each stage.

The first class will include an overview of art and screen printing, how to approach design, basics of lettering and layout, and troubleshooting . A sketchbook with pencils and pens, or laptops,(if you have adequate digital design experience,) are basic essential and students will be expected to have these on hand. Other items that are useful but not absolutely necessary include a light table, tracing paper, or transfer paper. If sourcing of other materials such as rubylith film become available, other tools might be needed, but again, not absolutely necessary.

The second class will include design review and troubleshooting, and preparing images for transfer to a screen. We will also cover the process of making screens, applying emulsion, and 'burning' the image onto the screen and making it ready for printing. Those who are ready at this point may complete their screens and be ready to begin printing.

The last two sessions will focus on completing screens and printing final pieces of art, This will include the use of various substrates and creative methods of application, as well as learning proper clean up and storage of screens and artwork. Students may attend one or both classes as long as they attended the first two.

  • All necessary tools and equipment for screen printing will be made available, including paper for printing.

  • Textiles, clothing items, wood panels etc. will not be provided and must be supplied by the student.

  • Anyone wishing to make their own screens and use them outside of class is encouraged to do so, but they must provide these materials themselves. Because there are a wide variety of options and uses depending on the individual, the instructor will gladly help interested students determine what might be the best available options.

REQUIRED Tools and materials -

-Drawing Paper or Sketchbook

- pencils, black pens with non smearing ink, erasers


-Laptop or PC capable of rendering jpg, png, or other reproducible image files

and a method for transferring files.

USEFUL but NOT required tools-

-Light table

-tracing paper

-transfer paper

-White out

-Black ink

-Exacto knife


(Paper for printing will be provided in class. Anything else must be provided by students.)

! PLEASE NOTE- Quality of line and edge detail on a print depend on the texture 

of the printing substrate!

-Old or new wood

-Clothing or other cloth items

-Anything Flat

-Sticker paper

-Newsprint, magazines, books, etc.



Classes are $25 per session (Open Gym is included for new students). Open Gym is $15 per session for previous students.

We encourage attendance of all 4 sessions and in order to attend session 3 or 4 you must attend the first 2.



*Thursday May 2nd

*Thursday May 9th

Thursday May 16th

Thursday May 23rd



*Friday May 3rd

*Friday May 10th

Friday May 17th

Friday May 24th



Thursday May 16th

Thursday May 17th

Thursday May 23rd

Thursday May 24th



Contact Laurie at Central School to register

There is a limit of 12 registrants – first come first serve!


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