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Hello everyone!

I hope you are all living your best with inspiration and hope. Back in early March we were poised to share a very exciting announcement - our first annual ticketed May Day Fundraiser. A big ole Bisbee party with art installations, food, drink, a psychedelic  lounge and members open studios! It was to culminate with a killer concert in the parking lot- we had the band AJJ lined up and they were so on board. We will reschedule!

Artists: We also were going to announce an open call  "Habitat" to all of you! We are so sad that the opportunity to bring your work into our gallery has to be postponed! Don't stop - the world needs you!


Supporters: If you are in the position to make a donation to Central School at this time,  it would be humbly and deeply appreciated. We have lost a vital income stream with our doors closed.

Make a donation here.

Thank you Everyone!


The Board of Directors and Laurie McKenna, Executive Director of Central School Project

Thank you​ Arizona Community Foundation

Foundations and philanthropists everywhere are working so hard to support nonprofits in this difficult time.

We want to thank the Arizona Community Foundation for the support we have received through their Arizona Covid-19 Community Response Fund. Thank you so much! They help so many. Go to azfoundation.org  to learn more or to donate to their fund!

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Central School Project is a non-profit arts and cultural center with the three-fold mission of providing affordable creative space to working artists, preserving and adapting the historic Central School building as a cultural center, and fostering appreciation of the arts in the Bisbee community.

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