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visiting artists program

Since 2009, CSP has invited artists to come work in Bisbee through our Visiting Artist Program.  We love being a conduit for cultural exchange and artists love coming to work here in our facility. The program was founded on a loose guideline that the artists’ work consider and incorporates our community and/or our location here in the southeast Arizona desert. They get a studio and an opportunity to share their practice through workshops,, events, and presentations. CSP has hosted Plein air painters, a printmaker, performance artists, sound artists, filmmakers, installaton artists, and cross disciplinary artists.

Central School’s Visiting Artist Program is funded by the Bisbee Foundation, the Arizona Commission on the Arts, and the Community Foundation of Southern Arizona.

January 2023

Sean Slifer

Pittsburgh-based artist Shaun Slifer has been making creative rubbings of historical markers since 2018.

Selecting only certain words and phrases, he focuses on plaques that sidestep colonialism, state oppression, and military violence with truncated accounts that marginalize the motivation and origin of popular revolts, disregard whole communities, and other acts of erasure. Each piece in this ongoing series is created on-site in a deliberately visible, public performance: using handmade earth pigment crayons and wearing a high-vis fluorescent vest, Slifer makes these rubbings during daylight hours wearing a simple costume that gives the suggestion of a municipal worker.

June 2022

Heather Hutchison

Central School is happy to announce Visiting Artist Heather Hutchison will be in residency here for 10 days in June.


Heather will lead a creative gathering at City Park – Bring sketch pads, art, instruments, objects, poems and any creative device or offering of and to the sky. 

Heather will lead a discussion and the appreciation of odes and artists!



In 1969, when Heather was six years old, her family settled in Bisbee, where the bowl of a sky is deep and endless. Her family lived in the Copper Queen Hotel. Central School was the first school Heather attended in Bisbee.


The sky is important to Heather’s work. She frequently references the atmosphere and the sky, which is constantly changing: dawn to dusk, dusk to dawn. The sky is a fundamental,

universal image. The sky is overarching and links us all together. It is the most visible

experience that all humans share.


From Heather:

“The cultural shift in the late 60's attracted many visionaries to Bisbee: visual artists, writers,

musicians, and filmmakers converged and took refuge there. I feel fortunate to have had

inspiring relationships with many of these artists. As a very young person I had independence,

and a studio space where I could mimic my older friends. It was then in Bisbee that I began my

artistic practice. Bisbee’s particular quality of light and artistic community profoundly shaped my ideas about color, space, light, and artistic practice.” 


Learn more about Heather  this interview in Brooklyn Rail

May 2022

Laura Milkins

Visiting Artist Laura Milkin from Tucson will be here at Central School Project May 5 - 26. Laura is an interdisciplinary artist living in Tucson, AZ. Her work explores vulnerability, intimacy, and the body. Her projects highlight the delicate balance and intrinsic role nature plays in our daily lives and the positive influence it continues to have on our bodies and minds. She has received grants, awards, and international recognition for her work, including a Fulbright award to travel and work in Mexico City and the 2019 Tanne Foundation Award.


Laura Milkins Exhibition and artist reception Saturday May 7 from 5:00pm to 8:00pm 

with gallery talk at 6 PM.

Central School will be exhibiting Laura’s Work in Progress Desert Skins and another complete series, Of Birds and Men. Both are works on paper, employing traditional realistic imagery in watercolor. Yet neither are traditional in the subject matter. These works represent the hope for a kinder, cleaner world: better for women, better for men, and better for the plants and animals who also happen to live here.