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Each year in the month of March, CSP celebrates National Youth Arts Month with the MAKE Youth Arts Festival. It is an all-day arts festival for children from age 3 to 17 which provides interactive, multidisciplinary hands-on artmaking at no cost to families. MAKE also celebrates art created by young people with the Youth Art exhibit. The gallery is filled with art made during the school year with BUSD art teachers and other schools in our region!


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The Bisbee Plein Air Festival traditionally has been held the 2nd week of October. It is produced in partnership by Central School Project and Bisbee After 5.

Artists come to paint Old Bisbee’s historic architecture, sprawling staircases, vintage streets, industrial mining remnants, and colorful homes set amidst the scenic Mule Mountains to compete for $700 in prizes. On the final day artists gather for the judging downtown where the art lovers can view and  purchase the work right off the easel. Each year we also have workshops, activities, and exhibitions held in conjunction with the competition.


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Since 2009, CSP has invited artists to come work in Bisbee through our Visiting Artist Program.  We love being a conduit for cultural exchange and artists love coming to work here in our facility. The program was founded on a loose guideline that the artists’ work consider and incorporates our community and/or our location here in the southeast Arizona desert. They get a studio and an opportunity to share their practice through workshops, exhibitions, events, and presentations. CSP has hosted painters, a printmaker, performance artists, sound artists filmmakers, sound artists and cross disciplinary artists.


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Central School Project presents multiple exhibitions each year that are a combination of curated shows and gallery rental shows.

You can see images related to several past Exhibitions here

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